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Advantages of “Liper Block” Light Concrete


*Holding Housing & Construction Center’s Technical Certificate (valid until: 2019/06/13)

*Holding Housing & Construction Center’s Technical Confirmation

* Iran National Standard 7782

*Being Compatible with Discussions’ 18 & 19 Requirements

*Having the potential of transferring strapped blocks & in pallets

*Deleting the Plaster and Soil Layer and sufficing to Slim Prepared Shield

*Having null waste of blocks

*Having been Insulated against humidity, sound and heat that rebounds to Insulation Cost Elimination

*Reducing remarkable weight of wall and subsequently reducing overweight of building

*Including Polypropylene Yarn (P.P) to increase resistance and prevent facture and crack

*Having suitable reaction to forces caused by building transformation and subsiding

*Having perfect unification & solidarity against earthquakes & blasts

*Having perfect & user-friendly installation due to specific design

*Having High speed performance, easy transportation leading to on-time Project Delivery ,Return of investment

*Having Great hammering ability, easy nailing and screwing

*Performing easily in mechanical and electrical installation due to ability of cut and splitting with saw and milling machine